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The Carbide E File Nail Drill Bit

The Carbide E File Nail Drill Bit is a professional-grade manicure tool designed for creating perfectly shaped nails. Made from high-hardness Tungsten carbide, this drill bit can be used to refine C-curves, shorten and file nails, and can also be used as a backfill/ infill piece.

Features of the Carbide E File Nail Drill Bit

This medium-grit drill bit does not heat up during operation, which makes it comfortable for both the nail technician and the client. The high-quality stainless steel construction ensures the durability and longevity of the tool.

Tungsten Carbide Burs: The Benefits

Tungsten carbide burs are specially designed to be non-clogging, making removing debris or residue easy. They also have high anti-corrosion properties, which make the drill bit suitable for sterilisation with high heat and various disinfectant products (following guidelines).

Why Use a Professional Grade Manicure Tool?

A professional-grade manicure tool like the Carbide E File Nail Drill Bit reduces strain and muscle tension during your workday thanks to its comfortable design that fits perfectly in your palm. This tool stays sharp and perfectly shaped even with constant use, making it an essential part of any nail technician’s kit.

Maintenance Made Easy with Non-Clogging Burs

The non-clogging Tungsten carbide burs make maintenance easy and hassle-free. Disinfect and sterilise the tool according to guidelines and professionally sharpen it when necessary to avoid performance degradation—store in dry conditions and away from children, with the blades facing upwards to avoid damage.

Durable Construction and Simple Sterilisation

The high-hardness Tungsten carbide construction of the Carbide E File Nail Drill Bit ensures a long-term service life and simple maintenance. The tool can be sterilised in autoclaves and dry ovens and treated with antiseptic fluids.

Investment in Quality: Better Services for Clients

Investing in a high-quality tool like the Carbide E File Nail Drill Bit can provide better services to your clients. The versatile shape and non-clogging burs make nail enhancements easy, ensuring a flawless finish every time.

Summary: The Essential Tool for Perfectly Shaped Nails

In summary, the Carbide E File Nail Drill Bit is a must-have tool for any nail technician looking to create perfectly shaped nails. Its durable construction, simple sterilisation, and comfortable design make it essential to any nail kit.

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