How to choose a quality manicure tool?

Well-groomed hands and beautiful manicures are considered a woman’s “second face”. That is why most modern girls and women strive to keep this indicator of femininity and grooming at its best.

Selection of tools by type of material

The quality of tools is primarily determined by the type of material from which they are made in production. Not only the practical side and quality of the result depends on this, but also the issue of safety. For example, a high-quality clipper, even at home, will allow you to make a beautiful, neat cut of nails without the risk of injury.

Traditionally, professional manicure instruments are made of high-quality stainless steel. In professional circles, this material is called medical steel. However, here it is also important to understand that different types of steel are suitable for different tools. So, for example, less hard steel is ideal for a pusher than for cutting tools. The ideal material is considered to be steel 316L and 40X13 (such markings can be seen on the products themselves or in the technical specifications, instructions).

If we talk about kits for professional and home use, it is also important to pay attention to the quality of the packaging: a case or organizer for storing manicure tools should look attractive and reliable.

The advantages of medical steel

Why is it so important to pay attention to the type of material? Low-quality material will not allow you to perform your services well and quickly disable products. Plus, both you and your client have a high risk of injury.

Unlike cheap materials, high-quality medical steel has a number of such advantages:

  • increased resistance to corrosive processes;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • the ability to use in different conditions: in an aqueous, alkaline, acidic environment;
  • high hygienic performance;
  • strength;
  • flexibility;
  • elasticity.

The above indicators are incredibly important for manicure tools since the main load during a manicure falls on the interaction of thin cutting elements. The durability and precision of the tools guarantee their long-term operation.

It will not be superfluous to note that a really high-quality manicure tool cannot be cheap. Therefore, do not seek to save money by choosing the main tool for quality service.

What to consider when choosing tools?

It is no exaggeration to say that the main manicure tool is scissors. The quality of this tool should be checked especially carefully so that the product lasts longer than a year and does not bring you some disappointment.

Nail service specialists often use tweezers and nippers to cut nails and remove cuticles. Ready-made sets of manicure tools usually have special cuticle scissors. They must be very sharp, and the cutting ends must fit perfectly together for an even and accurate cut. We recommend paying attention to the Zinger Manicure cuticle scissors – this is an ideal ratio of price and quality!

If your “strong point” is a trim manicure, pay special attention to the choice of nail scissors. The product must be made of high-quality steel and have a well-thought-out shape that allows it to fit comfortably in the hands of the master.  

When choosing any tool, always take it in your hands and test how comfortable it is for you to hold it and perform basic manicure techniques with it.

And remember, the surface of the tools must be flat, well-sanded, without chips or visible damage. All mechanisms should work efficiently, without much effort on your part.

We hope that our article will help you not get lost in the variety of tools and choose worthy options for yourself and your clients.

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