Cone E File Nail Drill Bit 5.0

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Made from high quality stainless steel, the Drop Drill Bit is an excellent choice for any professional nail technician.

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For E file manicure/ pedicure

• Perfect for cuticles and sidewalls

• Soft grit, professionals only


The Cone E File Nail Drill Bit is a high-quality, professional-grade tool designed for use in manicure and pedicure procedures. It features a cone-shaped tip that is perfect for filing and shaping nails, as well as a durable construction that is built to withstand heavy use. This drill bit is compatible with most electric file machines and is easy to use, making it a great choice for both professional nail technicians and at-home nail enthusiasts. With its precise design and smooth operation, the Cone E File Nail Drill Bit is an essential tool for achieving perfectly shaped and polished nails every time.

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1 review for Cone E File Nail Drill Bit 5.0

  1. Natasha

    Quality tool for manicures/pedicures. Cone tip shapes nails well. Durable, compatible with most machines. Easy to use, gives perfect results.

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